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Charged with opening up creative thinking, productive dialogue, and collaborative problem solving, a total of 12 administrators, faculty members and students from the College of Liberal Arts attended the Imagining America conference, leading four seminars, a workshop and a panel contributing to Imagining America’s mission to foster the engagement of artists and scholars on university campuses. They also worked to establish relationships between university professionals and community partners with the hope of affecting change in higher education and civic engagement at the local and national level.

Giovanna Summerfield, CLA associate dean for educational affairs, and Brigitta Brunner-Johnson, professor in the School of Communication and Journalism, led a seminar and served on the Conference Planning Committee. Other presenters included Mark Wilson, coordinator of Community and Civic Engagement, and Lydia Ferguson, PhD student in the Department of English. Ferguson also is a Publicly Active Graduate Education 2014 fellow for Imagining America. For more information, visit this website.