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Lt. General Ron Burgess and Lynne Hammond

The 2014 United Way campaign is underway at Auburn University as campus campaign volunteers lead fundraising efforts to help local charities and non-profit social services.

The Campus United Way, with a $140,000 goal, is one of the largest parts of the Lee County Campaign, which is a major source of funding for 24 local agencies in the categories of Education, Health, Crisis and Strengthening Families and Community.

Campus United Way volunteers began distributing pledge cards to faculty and staff in late September, and campaign leaders will gather for a luncheon at the President’s Home for the formal launch on Wednesday, Oct. 8.

While the most active phase of the campaign will conclude around Thanksgiving, the campaign will continue on campus into December for faculty and staff who make their annual giving decisions at the end of the year.

Lynne Hammond of the Office of Human Resources returns as chair of the campus campaign, and the honorary chair for the 2014 campaign is retired Lt. General Ron Burgess, the university’s senior counsel for nation security programs, cyber programs and military affairs.

“The theme of the United Way campaign this year is ‘Everyone Has a Story,’” said Hammond. “Most of us can look back and identify people in our lives who have helped us succeed. There are those in our community who need our help to ensure that they, too, can have a successful life story.”

Hammond added, “The campus United Way campaign is critical to the community-wide fund raising effort. Every gift, no matter how small, can make a big difference, so participation in the campaign at any level is important to our success.”

Burgess said the United Way campaign provides an opportunity for the Auburn Family to demonstrate its leadership and commitment to the community. “Auburn and Lee County are wonderful places to live and work,” he said. “Participating in the United Way fundraising campaign is an easy and effective way to support a community that means a great deal to all of us, particularly because the United Way is active in so many areas — they aren’t about meeting a single need or challenge, but rather a host of local challenges.”

Citing the importance of supporting United Way efforts, Burgess added, “In much the same way that the Auburn University family is ALL IN for Auburn, the United Way is ALL IN for Lee County. The United Way does not limit its support to a single program agency or issue. It provides support to a group of highly effective agencies and programs tackling a host of challenges in our community that relate to things like K-12 education, health care and healthy lifestyles, stabilizing families in crisis, reducing hunger, sheltering victims and strengthening communities. So, when members of the Auburn University family participate in the United Way fundraising campaign they have the satisfaction of knowing that their gifts will be leveraged to create broad and meaningful impact throughout our community.”

The campus campaign will have prize drawings to be held on Oct. 9, Oct. 23, Nov. 6 and Nov. 20. Prizes have been contributed by the Bookstore, Athletics, The Hotel at Auburn University, and General Burgess, who contributed a $100 gift certificate to Café 123 in Opelika. The Hotel at Auburn University is providing brunch for six at Ariccia; Athletics is once again providing a gift basket of memorabilia; and the Bookstore is providing a canvas Auburn print.