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HR Development, or HRD, will offer approximately two dozen professional development courses via Zoom during May and June.

For more information, visit Fast-Train or the HRD course schedule website. Courses begin May 5, with “Management Fundamentals” (MG400). Three courses are planned for May 6: “Sustainability in the Workplace” (SU100), “Campus Security Authorities” (CS101), and “Title IX Rights and Obligations for AU Employees” (AA101).

HRD is also offering 14 eLearning courses which may be taken on demand. New courses include:

• “Legally Effective Hiring Practices” (LG220E)

• “Preventing and Managing Absenteeism” (LG240E)

• “Addressing Employee Misconduct” (LG260E)

• “Conflicts of Interest and Conflicts of Commitment” (UC110E)

As a reminder, the current alternate operations model is providing opportunities for many employees and supervisors to participate in their own professional development–especially for those who are continuing to work remotely.

For questions, email