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“Fostering Communities in the Kitchen and Garden” is an outreach, research and teaching project. The project aims to provide foster youth residing in Lee County with cooking skills and training to grow fresh food through a community garden setting. The project was recently recognized by the Intramural Grants Program in the Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development. The grant awards $25,000 to an interdisciplinary research team.

The project brings together a team of six Auburn faculty members from diverse backgrounds. Members on the team conduct research in the fields of social work, Danilea Werner and Jennifer Jettner; horticulture, Carolyn Robinson; nutrition, Onikia Brown; journalism, Joan Harrell; and Italian studies, Rosetta Caponetto. Previously, this initiative also received a $2,000 Competitive Collaborative and Interdisciplinary Research and Humanities Grant from the College of Liberal Arts.