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The COVID-19 pandemic is testing the resiliency of supply chains. Shelter in place orders and massive shifts in consumer shopping habits have quickly triggered inventory challenges, fulfillment bottlenecks and transportation headaches. Select paper products briefly vanished from retail shelves. Clorox wipes and hand sanitizers became difficult to find. Despite these temporary disruptions, products continue to flow through supply chains to meet elevated demand.

Three leading supply chain executives, Franklin Littleton, President of North American Consumer Goods at DHL Supply Chain; Susanna Zhu, Vice President for Commercial Planning and Supply Chain Operations at The Hershey Company; and Tony Zuazo, Senior Vice President for Transportation and Inventory at Dollar General, will discuss a variety of pandemic-related supply chain topics in a one-hour webinar on May 12 at 10 a.m. The webinar is sponsored by the Harbert College of Business Center for Supply Chain Innovation.

The Zoom session is free and open to the public. Click here to register. The panelists will explain how the industry has pivoted to meet recent challenges, worked to ensure the availability of product and the wellbeing of supply chain teams and discuss potential supply chain challenges companies will face beyond the pandemic.


Read more about the webinar.