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The latest two episodes of the School of Nursing’s podcast, Nurse Narrative, offer separate discussions on World TB Day and the COVID-19 pandemic.

To mark World TB Day, nursing faculty hosted John and Avril Thomas, founders of Living Hope, to share their experience with the organization and what they are doing to combat tuberculosis in Cape Town, South Africa. For the past 20 years Living Hope has faithfully served the people of Cape Town through various services such as health care, substance abuse recovery, life skills and agricultural training. 

Auburn Assistant Clinical Professor Kelly Strickland spent the summer of 2008 with the nurses in the Living Hope health care center, and it was there that she developed her passion for community health nursing. 

In its first episode addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Fred Kam, director and internist at the Auburn University Medical Clinic, explained what the virus is, how it spreads, how to protect ourselves from getting it and what we can do to “flatten the curve.”

Both episodes can be found at