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Dear Auburn students,

Let me start by saying how blessed we all are to attend Auburn University. Over the last couple of weeks, I have watched our administration handle this ever-changing situation with you at the forefront of all decisions and have been honored to work alongside them and advocate for your needs. Each and every decision the university has made so far has been with your safety and health as its top priority and will continue to be the case as future decisions are made.

By now, I am sure all of you have seen the letter from President Jay Gogue detailing the university’s plans for the rest of the semester. While I am sad about this new reality, I walk in confidence knowing this is the best decision for the Auburn family and beyond. COVID-19 is not anything to take lightly, and I want to encourage you to continue the best possible practices to keep you and those around you safe. According to the CDC, those best practices include but are not limited to washing your hands for 20 seconds, limiting touching your face, and most importantly, practicing social-distancing. It takes each and every one of us doing our part to keep our greater community safe and healthy.

I want to say that I am sorry. While I understand this situation is completely out of anyone’s control, it hurts my heart to think about how this has affected all of you. I feel for our students who looked forward to so many things over the next couple of months. I feel for our student-athletes who were eager to demonstrate their hard work in the upcoming events. I feel for our students who were looking forward to or currently studying abroad and who lost that opportunity. I feel for our students who were looking forward to their first or last moments being involved in organizations that they have poured their heart and soul into. I truly feel for our graduating seniors who looked forward to many final moments to wrap up their experience on the Plains. I feel for each and every student who has watched this season of their Auburn experience slip between their fingers. I wish I could snap my fingers and make everything go back to normal, but unfortunately, I cannot.

I can, however, continue to do my job for you. My executive team and I have continued to advocate for your needs as we transition to remote instruction, and we will not stop anytime soon. We were elected and appointed to serve and promote the individual student and unify all that is Auburn, and we do not intend to let COVID-19 disrupt this mission. While we observe remote instruction, SGA will be sharing resources on how to stay engaged and keep your voice being heard. We want you to know we are here for you, our Auburn Family, and will continue to serve you.

Stay healthy and War Eagle,

Ada Ruth Huntley

2020-21 Student Government Association President