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Adam Jortner, the Goodwin-Philpott Professor of Religion in the Department of History, is the top choice in a Buzzfeed list featuring the top 17 teachers who deserve high grades for their efforts to educate students during quarantine. Jortner's brief introduction has been viewed and liked more than 300,000 and has more than 10,000 shares.

Jortner specializes in the history of religion in the American Revolution and the early nation, with particular emphasis on religious liberty, patriotism and piety, theology, and new religious traditions. Since coming to Auburn in 2009, Jortner has published The Gods of Prophetstown, a study of Native American religion, deism and military conflict in the Old Northwest, and Blood from the Sky, a history of miracles in the early republic. Gods of Prophetstown won the 2013 James Broussard prize for the best first book in early American history.

Jortner is a frequent contributor to NPR's Backstory, and will soon release a series of lectures entitled God and the Founding Fathers on Audible.

Click here to view Jortner's video and the Buzzfeed list.

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