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In anticipation of this year’s winter holiday break, Risk Management and Safety will be adjusting the waste pickup schedule for the holiday break.

Both chemical and medical waste pickups will be temporarily suspended throughout the recognized holiday period. Any chemical and/or medical waste generated during the holiday break should be properly containerized, labeled and stored per guidelines found on the RMS/EHS website. Chemical and medical waste pickups will resume Jan. 6 on an as requested basis.

Pathological waste pickup service will be provided throughout the holiday period on an as needed as requested basis. Pickup requests shall be submitted through the AiM work management system. Preferably and if possible, advance notice shall be coordinated with Steven Nolen at 334-703-3859 as the primary contact and Billy Cannon at 334-703-0419 as the secondary contact to ensure the timely removal of pathological waste from your areas during this period.

If you anticipate your areas needing servicing over the observed holiday break, contact Tom McCauley, environmental programs manager, at 334-844-4870 so that Risk Management and Safety may coordinate in advance to better accommodate your needs.