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Two professors in supply chain management at the Harbert College of Business, Glenn Richey and Beth Davis-Sramek, are ranked among the world’s elite researchers according to a recent peer-reviewed article.

The paper, “Supply Chain Research Leadership: The Ranked Agents and Their Networks,” ranked the Top 50 supply chain management authors based via a network analysis that highlighted “the potential they possess to stimulate research and the quality of research outcomes by serving as hubs of connectivity and informational bridges between entities engaged in supply chain research.”

Of 3,337 supply chain management authors published globally in leading academic journal between 2001-2015, Richey is ranked No. 19 and Davis-Sramek is ranked No. 25. This is yet another accolade for Harbert College’s Supply Chain Management program, which was ranked No. 3 among undergraduate programs in North America by Gartner in 2018.

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