Style Guide

Style Guide

Auburn University's trademarks and logos reflect the reputation and image of the university. Therefore, it is critical that those visual elements that represent the institution are presented correctly and with integrity, which is the foundation for successful branding. When that visual representation is disconnected or inconsistent, the perception of the institution can suffer.

Research with prospective students shows that a visual identity used consistently over time paves the way to an enhanced image, instant recognition, and higher recall. With more than 3,600 colleges and universities in the United States, competition for the best students is increasing. Maintaining our visual identity is one way to stand out within the consideration set.

Because of shrinking budgets that make it difficult to reach mass audiences, every message, and every dollar, that reinforces an institutional identity counts. Consistency builds greater recognition in the minds of all audiences whose support we seek: students, prospective students, parents, alumni, and supporters.

To download the manual, please click the following link, AU Style Guide.

To download all logos and templates, click the following link, Logos and Templates(This resource is only available to Auburn Faculty and Staff)

Last Updated: July 25, 2018