Auburn University Faculty Awards

Gary Brown ePortfolio Project Faculty Cohort Award

This award recognizes faculty members who have exhibited exemplary leadership in promoting the ePortfolio Project and have been engaged in practices that support the implementation of ePortfolios at Auburn University.

Robert Bubb

Portrait of Robert Bubb

Robert Bubb, Lecturer

Department of Human Development and Family Studies, College of Human Sciences

PhD, Industrial and Organizational Psychology;

2016 – Auburn University

MS, Applied Social Psychology;

2008 – Brigham Young University

BS, Psychology; 2004 – Brigham Young University

“Every semester I get to meet smart, motivated, and energetic students who are passionate about their field of studies. I am particularly proud and inspired by those students who I work closely with as teaching or research assistants. I get to see them develop into potential graduate students over several semesters. I couldn’t be happier for them once they are accepted into a graduate program.”

Robert Bubb joined the Department of Human Development and Family Studies in 2011 as a lecturer, and currently instructs introductory statistics and research methods courses. He has taught courses in introductory psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, and the psychology of teaching. Bubb also spent four years as an academic advisor, and has several research interests including the study of the scholarship of teaching and learning, stigma toward persons with disabilities, and post-emancipation studies. He has received several graduate teaching awards including the First Year Graduate Teaching Assistant of the Year Award and a Teaching Fellow Award. In 2013, he was honored with the American Psychological Association Wilbert J. McKeachie Teaching Excellence Award. He and his wife, Rebekah, have four children: Katherina, Abigail, James, and Samantha.

Emily Cumbie

Portrait of Emily Cumbie

Emily Cumbie, Professor

Department of Human Development and Family Studies, College of Human Sciences

MS, Human Development and Family Studies;

2006 – Auburn University

BS, Human Development and Family Studies;

2003 – Auburn University

“I am passionate about helping students learn to reflect on who they are, what their gifts and talents are, and how to use those to enrich the lives of others.”

Emily Cumbie came to Auburn in 2007 after earning both her undergraduate and graduate degrees at the university. She is the lead teacher of the classroom for three-year-olds at the Auburn University Early Learning Center. Cumbie is also involved in the ePortfolio Project as a way to be more knowledgeable and invested in assisting students in reflective thinking, while also coaching them in how to best present themselves to potential graduate programs, internship sites, and employers. Her current appointment in the College of Human Sciences reflects her passion of providing high-quality education to young children, while also educating the next generation of teachers and caregivers through lecture courses and lab supervision. She is married and a mother to three young children.

Jamie Sailors

Portrait of Jamie Sailors

Jamie Sailors

Director of Undergraduate Programs and Internships, Department of Human Development and Family Studies, College of Human Sciences

PhD, Family Studies; 1996 – Auburn University

MS, Marriage and Family Therapy; 

1989 – Auburn University

BS, Psychology; 

1983 – State University of New York Fredonia

“I have the opportunity to work with the best and brightest colleagues. The support staff who are essential to my work and the overall success of our institution are caring, dedicated, and willing to go above and beyond. The students are the energy of the university and they inspire me every day with their desire to learn, grow, and achieve. It is people who make up a home and I am proud to be a part of the Auburn family.”

Jamie Sailors is the director of internships and undergraduate programs in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies. She is a native of Western New York, where she completed her undergraduate training in psychology at SUNY Fredonia. Sailors completed her graduate studies at Auburn University, where she earned a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy and a doctorate in family studies. She left Auburn for postdoctoral research as a clinical research associate at Girls and Boys Town in Omaha, Nebraska. Sailors later served as a faculty member in the department of Family and Consumer Sciences at the University of Nebraska, the Mental Health and School Counseling program at Alabama State University, and the Counseling Psychology program at Troy State University. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist who maintains a small, part-time practice. Her passion is combining her clinical and academic expertise to promote the success of students interested in pursuing professions in the field of human services. She is married to Roger, and has three children: Asher Andersen, Erin Machan, and Thomas Machan.

Margaret Vollenweider

Portrait of Margaret Vollenweider

Margaret Vollenweider, Instructor and Assistant Director

Auburn University Early Learning Center, College of Human Sciences

MA, Human Development and Family Studies;

1998 – Auburn University

BA, Psychology; 1995 – 

University of Southern Mississippi

“Working with others who are equally committed to helping our undergraduate students is its own reward. However, being recognized for our work in the ePortfolio highlights a commitment our team had to ignite passion and interest in our students while giving them a useful tool and skill set as they left Auburn University.”

Margaret Vollenweider has a master's degree from Auburn University in human development and family studies. She has been an academic advisor and taught undergraduate courses including professional development and ethics for 15 years. Vollenweider believes it is important for students to take the time in college to uncover their passions, explore career options, and develop goals for their adult life. She and her husband, Glen, have a son, Joe.

Sharon Huey Wilbanks

Portrait of Sharon Huey Wilbanks

Sharon Huey Wilbanks

Director, Auburn University Early Learning Center, College of Human Sciences

MS, Family and Child Development; 

1993 – Auburn University

BA, Psychology; 1991 – Auburn University

“Receiving this award tells me that our work as a cohort is valued and the high level of quality that we pursue is appreciated. Our department has been committed from the beginning of the ePortfolio initiative and will continue to pursue excellence in the ways that we support both the initiative and our students.”

Sharon Huey Wilbanks has a master's degree from Auburn University in family and child development. For 20 years, she has centered her professional life on the Auburn University Early Learning Center, where she served as an assistant teacher and head teacher before becoming the director in 2008. She is also an academic advisor and an instructor, teaching professional development and ethics. Each semester, Wilbanks helps students build an ePortfolio for their professional use. She is the co-founder of Camp iCare, a joint venture of the Auburn University Early Learning Center and the Cary Center for the Advancement of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies. Wilbanks also serves on the board of Alabama Rural Ministries and as a Court Appointed Special Advocate, or CASA, for abused and neglected children in Lee County. She and her husband, Chad, have two daughters, Amanda and Olivia, with both expected to become Auburn graduates.

Last updated: 03/07/2017