Auburn University Faculty Awards

Auburn University Faculty Awards

2011 Distinguished Graduate Faculty Lectureship

This award is jointly sponsored by the Auburn Alumni Association and the Auburn University Graduate School. The recipients are nominated by dean and department heads and chosen by the Graduate Faculty Council on the basis of excellence in research.

Chris Newland
Professor – Psychology
College of Liberal Arts

PhD — Georgia Tech
BS — Auburn University

Portrait photograph of Chris Newland

After a postdoctoral fellowship in Environmental Health Sciences, now Environmental Medicine, at the University of Rochester, Chris Newland joined the Department of Psychology at Auburn in 1988. He teaches courses in psychopharmacology, behavioral neuroscience, and basic processes in learning and conditioning. His research, which has been funded mainly by the National Institutes of Health, has emphasized the behavioral consequences of exposure to drugs and environmental contaminants that act on the brain. He was a regular member of an NIH grant review panel "study section" and policy panels for the National Research Council, FDA, EPA, and CDC to examine health hazards deriving from environmental contaminants. He was president of the Neurotoxicology Specialty Section of the Society of Toxicology, has served on several editorial boards, and is an associate editor of Neurotoxicology. Newland says his greatest pride, professionally, has been in seeing the stellar undergraduate and graduate students he has worked with grow professionally and begin impressive scientific careers.