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Auburn University Faculty Awards

Auburn University Faculty Awards

2010 Master of Ceremonies

Daniel Butler
Thomas Walter Professor of Technology Management and Associate Professor of Marketing
College of Business

Picture of Daniel Butler

Daniel D. Butler came to Auburn University in 1989 and is a Thomas Walter Professor of Technology Management associate professor of marketing. He has developed and delivered numerous international programs for the College of Business. His business experience includes internal auditing with the SunTrust Corporation, lobbyist for the State of Florida, assistant cruise director for Norwegian Cruise Lines, and working privately as a marketing consultant. He enjoys working with students at all levels and partnering with companies relating to marketing strategy. Most recently, Butler has been involved in joint ventures between Auburn University and private industry. He helped patent and commercialize new technologies for the university (e.g., bulletproof materials and fish lures made of food). Butler has been the recipient of many awards for teaching, research, and business outreach including receiving The Gerald and Emily Leischuck Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2008.