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Auburn University Faculty Awards

Auburn University Faculty Awards

Excellence in Faculty Outreach

This award honors the engagement of exemplary faculty members and demonstrates the tremendous impact outreach has on our community, state and nation.

Christa Slaton
Professor, Department of Political Science
Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Picture of Christa Slaton

Christa Slaton received her Master of Arts and doctorate in political science from the University of Hawaii. She is currently the associate dean for educational affairs in the College of Liberal Arts and the director of Auburn University’s Professional Education Program for Elections and Voter Registration Administrators. Her academic life has been devoted to developing the means to engage and empower citizens and to utilize the resources of the university to serve community interests. She was the co-founder of the first university-based mediation center in the United States and the co-designer of a method of deliberative polling that has been utilized by governments from the county level to the national level. More recently, she led a grassroots effort in Uniontown, Ala., to create an organization of concerned citizens called “Uniontown Cares” which partnered with government to tackle community problems and improve the quality of life in their town. As a pioneer in the field of utilizing information and communication technology to expand democracy, Slaton has been invited to give keynote addresses at international conferences in Germany, Austria, Finland and Sweden and has facilitated conferences in the Czech Republic and Greece.