Support Services

Support Services

You will need to first consult the building supervisor of the building where you are planning your event. It is possible that building staff can help you set up tables, chairs, etc. and provide equipment needed for your event.

It is likely that, unless you provide your own, you will have to use equipment belonging to the department that occupies the room or building you plan to use. You may also rent some equipment from the facilities department.

Facilities Service Support

The Service Support Unit provides movers, custodial staff, floor maintenance, etc. The Service Support Unit moves furniture and equipment and sets up special events for the entire university. Note that fees are charged for equipment use.

Some of the common functions and services provided by the Service Support Unit include:

  • Renting chairs, podiums, tables, and stages
  • Moving furniture and equipment
  • Moving boxes, racks/shelving, and all other items
  • Setting up for dedications, groundbreaking, and graduations
  • Pressure washing entrances and exit walkways

For more information, please call 334-844-4810.

Parking Services website is responsible for the implementation and enforcement of parking rules and regulations. Please consult the Auburn University traffic and parking regulations for more information on parking at Auburn.

You should be concerned about the time of your event and how parking enforcement could affect your attendees. It is a good idea to suggest parking locations in any information that you distribute about your event.

parking map is available with locations of all parking zones on campus.
From 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays, all visitors to Auburn's campus must have a visitor's parking pass. These passes can be obtained from Parking Services' office, located in the South Quad parking deck. Please check Parking Services' website, or call (334) 844-4143 for more information on their services.

It may be beneficial to hire outside security or Auburn police officers to direct traffic if:

  • Planning to have a large number of participants at the event
  • You know traffic and parking will be an issue

Your event should not disrupt normal traffic and activities on campus.

Tiger Transit operates transit services for Auburn students, faculty, and staff. Check the transit's website for more information on routes and schedules.


  • Are not charge a fee for on- or off-campus transit

Faculty and Staff:

  • Are not charged for on-campus transit, but must purchase a pass for off-campus transit

Game-Day Shuttles:

  • Offers shuttles to campus from various locations in Auburn and Opelika
    • Check the website for more details

Charter Service:

  • A minimum of three hours is required
  • Fees are charged for the service

Please check with the Tiger Transit website, or call 334-844-4757 for more information on their services.

Will there be news media?

News media must follow adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Area reserved for reporters, photographers, and/or videographers
  • Told in advance that they should remain there and not block aisles
    • They cannot be set up in aisles or egresses.
  • Media may require additional audio/visual support, i.e., patch into sound system or audio feed from microphone.

Ensure your speaker or performer allows media or even cameras (video, digital, or cell phones) to be at the event. This should be negotiated when booking talent.

Auburn University's Office of Trademark Management and Licensing regulates, promotes, and protects the use of the university's name and identifying marks, both on and off campus.

Auburn's federally registered trademarks include the following words, slogans, and logos:

  • "Auburn"
  • "Auburn University"
  • "Auburn Tigers"
  • The university seal
  • Samford Hall tower
  • "War Eagle"
  • The interlocking "AU"
  • The tiger eyes logo.

Designs that require licensing:

  • Use of the combined letters "AU"
  • Aubie's name and likeness
  • Any other design, symbol, drawing, seal, word, or group of words that have come to be associated with the university

Any design that the public may consider an Auburn trademark is an infringement on the university's trademark rights if it is not properly licensed or approved.

Student organizations:

  • Only organizations that are officially recognized by The Office of Student Involvement are allowed to use Auburn trademarks in conjunction with their organization's name
  • Products bearing the trademark of Auburn University can be produced only by companies that are licensed to do so
    • To order student organization T-shirts or other products, simply send or take your design to one of these approved companies, and the company will obtain design approval from the university.

By ensuring that products bearing university marks are of quality and good taste, we further promote Auburn's reputation as one of the nation's finest universities. For a list of local licensees, a complete list of licensed manufactures, or for more information concerning the university's trademark-licensing policy, please visit the Office of Trademark Management and Licensing website.

Last updated: 07/26/2018