Event Policies and Regulation

Event Policies and Regulations

Security is an important consideration for planning events on Auburn University’s campus. It is important to come up with a security plan for your event, especially if you have a large amount of attendees, are handling money, or are inviting a widely-known or controversial speaker or guest. Sometimes, due to certain factors, you may be required to hire security personnel for your event.

Officers for additional security for events held at Auburn University can be requested through the Auburn Police Department. Contact Amy Whitman at 334-501-3150 to request officers. Officers should be requested at least two weeks in advance of your event.

If you need additional security personnel, Murray Guard is the preferred vendor for on-campus events. Event Organization Group is the preferred vendor for all athletic facilities.

Official Auburn University Departments or Offices

  • Covered by university’s general liability insurance
  • To obtain a copy of Auburn University’s Certificate of Liability Insurance, please complete this form.
  • Please note that as an entity of the state of Alabama, the university cannot list others as an additional insured on its policies.

Recognized Student Organizations

  • Not covered under university’s general liability insurance and may need to provide event insurance for larger, higher risk events

Third-Party Entities

If your organization or group does not already have coverage, you can obtain a Tenant User’s Liability Insurance Policy, or TULIP.
More information about insurance coverage for events.

Any outside vendor/exhibitor who wishes to conduct business on campus must submit a request through the Campus Event Planning System (CEPS) and upload the required forms.  If the vendor is being sponsored or invited on campus by a registered student organization or department, the registered student organization or department will be responsible for submitting the event into the Campus Event Planning System (CEPS) along with all required forms:

  • A Certificate of Insurance should be for a general liability policy for no less than $1,000,000 (if the risk is deemed higher, this amount may be higher as well) and list Auburn University, its Board of Trustees, Faculty, Staff, and Agents as Additional Insureds.
    • These certificates can be obtained from the vendors providing the service or product. The vendor would ask their insurance provider to issue the certificate with the additional insureds listed.
  • Vendors are also required to sign a Vendor/Exhibitor/Third Party Agreement.
  • Copy of Seller’s Permit (if applicable)
  • Business License (if applicable)

More information on vendor insurance requirements and certificates of insurance.

Events on Auburn University’s campus with tents and/or outdoor amplified sound require permits. (Tent and Amplified Sound guidelines

Events that require a tent must comply with Auburn University’s Policy on Tent Usage and apply for a permit.

Amplified Sound
Events with outdoor amplified sound must comply with Auburn University’s Outdoor Amplified Sound Policy and must apply for a permit.

If your event involves participation of anyone under the age of 19 who is not a university student, you will need to comply with the Minors on Campus policy. Exemptions to the policy can be requested through the Campus Event Planning System but are not guaranteed. If your event involves minor participation, you will be required to submit:

Event staff and volunteers should complete an online training course offered by United Educators entitled “Sexual Misconduct: How Teachers and Other Educators Can Protect Our Children.” The training sessions lasts for about an hour.

If your event is not eligible for an exemption, you may be required to have background checks on your event staff or volunteers. This will be done via Verified Credentials and AU Protect. Background checks remain current for three years.

Background checks have a flat rate of $38 per individual. If you are required to check driver’s records, the cost is $56 per individual. To have an account for your event set up in AU Protect, you must also upload the following documents to the CEPS:

More information on the Minors on Campus policy.

Caterers serving food on Auburn University’s campus should be registered.  If your caterer has not registered, they should:

  • Register with the Auburn University Vendor Center (http://www.auburnuniversity.net/vendor/) if they haven’t already
  • Email a copy of a Certificate of Insurance with a signed copy of the License for Catered Food and Beverage Events to aurmi@auburn.edu with the subject line Catering Registration and Licensing.
  • These certificates can be obtained from the caterers providing the service or product. The caterer would ask their insurance provider to issue the certificate with the additional insureds listed.

Once the documents are received, they will be reviewed by Risk Management and Safety and sent to a university contract officer to be signed after approval.

Preparing Food

If you plan to prepare and sell food on-site at your event, you should obtain a temporary permit from the Lee County Health Department. You can contact the Lee County Health Department at 334-745-5765.

Food cannot be prepared off-site and sold at events.  

Grills are not allowed within 50 feet of campus buildings or in other designated no-grill areas.

All fires must be contained within grills or other containers designed specifically for that purpose. Extinguish charcoal fires thoroughly with water when finished. Contact the facilities department in order to obtain the proper container for charcoal disposal. You may also remove extinguished charcoal from campus for disposal. Do not dump charcoal on the campus grounds or in dumpsters.
Due to safety concerns, the use of deep fryers is not allowed on Auburn University’s campus.

Events with Alcohol
Auburn University is an alcohol-free campus, including all University-owned housing except the President’s Home. Schools, colleges, divisions, departments, and units may request exceptions to this policy if they comply with Auburn University’s campus alcohol policy.

Any third party-hosted event serving alcohol will need a university sponsor.

Any caterer or bartending service serving alcohol will need to register with Risk Management as a caterer. Any caterer that will be providing and selling alcohol, whether directly to event attendees or to the host group to serve at an open bar, will need to obtain a special events license with the ABC Board.

To submit an alcohol request for your organization, you will need to complete a Request to Serve Alcohol form.

Auburn University recognizes and supports the rights of students, employees of all categories, and visitors to promote and advertise in a lawful manner in designated areas of the campus. In order to maintain campus safety, security, and order, to ensure appropriate scheduling and use of facilities, and to preclude conflicts with academic and co-curricular activities, Auburn University reserves the reasonable right to limit such activities with regard to time, place, and manner. Advertising and promotion shall be understood to include such forms of personal and material presentation as commercial advertising, direct personal solicitation, publicity, and sales promotion in the forms of posters, flyers, samples, coupons, refund offers, price reductions, premiums, contests, trading stamps, sales demonstrations, buying allowances, free goods or services, bonuses, etc. These regulations do not apply to SGA election campaign advertising, which is regulated in the Election Laws. The rights of students, employees, and visitors to the Auburn University campus to engage in advertising or promotion shall be limited to the period from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily, in order to avoid unreasonable conflict with the functions and requirements of the University. All outside agencies, individuals, or students representing outside agencies desiring to sell or solicit on the campus must first obtain authorization from the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, who will require identification of the organization, a city license, and a registration fee. This organization must also agree to abide by these regulations. Students, chartered or provisionally-chartered student organizations, and agencies otherwise authorized by the Student Union, shall be allowed to advertise on campus provided they meet all other provisions of these regulations and regulations governing their respective organizations. Use of Auburn University trademarks on the advertising of any outside agency, individual, or student representing an outside agency must be approved by the University’s Office of Trademark Management and Licensing. Any product bearing reference to Auburn University must be licensed and approved in accordance with University licensing policy, which can be found online at www.auburn.edu/trademarks. Advertising is not permitted inside University buildings except:

  1. On bulletin boards other than those designated for the use of colleges, schools, or departments of the University. Advertising may only be attached by staples or thumbtacks;
  2. On A-frames restricted for use by organizations recognized by the SGA and sponsored by colleges, schools, or departments of the University and so placed as neither to restrict the flow of pedestrian traffic nor constitute safety hazards; and
  3. In Food Services outlets, Student Activities Center, Memorial Coliseum, and then only in locations approved by the management of each facility. No advertising is permitted in any location that infringes on or restricts the flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic, limits visibility, or constitutes a safety hazard. No advertising is permitted on or from trees, light poles, buildings, other structures, or on University grounds except as follows:

    1. Designated windows of Student Activities Center, and University Housing when in accordance with policies established by the management of each facility; and
    2. On billboards, outdoor signs, and marquees by written permission of the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. Direct hand-to-hand distribution of advertising may be undertaken on campus but not within any building. No advertising may be distributed (dropped) over the campus from aircraft. No advertising may be distributed from either moving or parked vehicles. These regulations shall be administered and enforced by the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. Failure to conform to these requirements will justify removal of such advertising. Individual students violating these regulations will, upon written complaint to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, be subject to action by the University Discipline Committee. Student organizations violating these regulations will, upon written complaint to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, be subject to action by the Organizations Committee or the Committee on Fraternities and Sororities. Visitors to the campus violating these regulations will be subject to removal to the campus and/or to appropriate legal action. Persons, agencies, or organizations wishing to appeal a decision based on these regulations may file a written appeal with the Vice President for Student Affairs. Nothing in this policy is intended, nor should be understood, as an endorsement or approval by Auburn University of any advertising or promotion, an invitation or license to advertise or promote, or the granting of any right or permission to advertise or promote on campus beyond the rights existing under federal and state laws.

PDF version of the policy

Last updated: 03/03/2017