Event Types

Event Types

Runs and races require extra attention from the Event Management Committee and need extra time for review. The Event Management Committee requires all runs and races to be requested through the Campus Event Planning System thirty days before you plan to advertise for the race.

After you have completed the Campus Event Planning Form for your race, you will be prompted to upload your race route and participant waiver for review.  The event will not be reviewed by the committee until these items are uploaded.

  • Route: a PDF or image file, with race route clearly marked, arrows indicating direction of race, and water stations or checkpoints marked
  • Waiver: a PDF or Microsoft Word document
  • Certificate of Insurance (if one is not already on file)

Please be aware that both your route and waiver may need to be changed after review by the Event Management Committee.

A Certificate of Insurance will also be needed for the organization hosting the run or race, if one is not already on file with Risk Management and Safety. The certificate of insurance will need to list Auburn University, its Board of Trustees, Administrators, Faculty, Staff, and Agents as additional insureds on the policy.

There are also two forms you will need to fill out and have signed before your run or race.  You can find these forms below:

After your event has been approved in the Campus Event Planning System, you will need to obtain signatures for both of these forms.

  • On-Campus Parade Permit Form
    • Department of Public Safety and Security
      • Signed by a representative in Public Safety and Security.
      • 543A Magnolia Avenue in the old Auburn University Credit Union building, which is across the parking lot from the Village Residence Life Halls.
      • You can reach the Department of Public Safety and Security at 334-844-8888.
  • On-Campus Parade Permit Form and the City of Auburn Permit Form
    • City of Auburn Public Safety – Police Division
      • 161 North Ross Street
    • Bring a copy of both forms back to the Department of Public Safety

It is the responsibility of event organizers to make sure all university policies on amplified sound are followed, responsible volume levels are maintained, and that neighbors to the event space are notified of any event that may cause noise disruption.

An Amplified Sound Permit is required for any event using outdoor amplified sound, regardless of whether decibel limits are in place during the timeframe of the event.

Amplified sound is allowed Monday through Thursday from 5pm-9pm; Friday from 5pm-Midnight; Saturday from 8am-midnight, and Sunday from 8am-9pm with no decibel limit.

Amplified sound may not disrupt scheduled instructional or other academic activities. Events deemed disruptive will not be approved.

No musical instrument or sound-amplification equipment of any kind, including stereo speakers and stationary or mobile public address systems, is allowed on the concourses, streets, in areas adjacent to academic buildings, or in the Open Air Forum at any time.

Questions regarding Amplified Sound Permits should be directed to 334-844-9447 or 334-844-8584.

Any language that is considered obscene must be terminated by the event coordinator or the permit will be revoked immediately.

The Division of Student Affairs and Campus Safety have the authority to revoke a permit during the event, if event coordinators do not abide by set decibel levels. Violations of the Outdoor Sound Policy will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct.

Outdoor Movies

It is your responsibility as event coordinator to acquire or rent audio-visual equipment for outside movies. You will need to coordinate this with the facilities department as well as the building administration if you plan to use a power supply from any building.

Any outdoor movie needs to acquire an Amplified Sound Permit.

Federal Copyright Laws

The Federal Copyright Act (Title 17 of the U.S. Code) governs how copyrighted materials, including films and musical works, can be used and shown. Neither the rental nor the purchase of a videocassette or DVD authorizes that the tape or DVD to be shown outside of a private home. Permission to show a film outside a private home is required, regardless of whether or not a fee is charged or whether or not the organization is a non-profit entity.

Please note that showing movies that have a significant academic component is acceptable.

Groups that fail to follow these policies will be responsible for paying any fees that may arise.

Students, Faculty, and Staff:
Administrative officers, faculty, students, and staff of the university are free to express individual and collective political views provided they understand and make clear they are not speaking for or in the name of the university.

Neither the university name, the name of any university entity supported in part or in whole by university funds, or the university insignia or logos may appear on stationery or any other material used or intended for political purposes.

Faculty and staff should refer to page 39 of the University Staff Handbook for more information.

Candidates and Campaigning:

A campus appearance of a candidate for public office should be for an educational or informational talk to the university community and must be sponsored by a recognized university organization. Student organizations must secure approval for such appearances from the EMC at least two weeks in advance.

Candidate campaigning (solicitation), including leaflet distribution and display of signs is allowed with prior university permission.

Use of University Facilities and Resources:
Without prior university approval, university facilities and services may not be used by or on behalf of an outside organization or outside individual whose purpose is to further the cause of a candidate or political party.

Campus organizations and departments may use campus communications to announce political forums and discussions sponsored by officially constituted campus groups but may not use campus communications—including those provided by Auburn's postal service, phone system, or computer network—for partisan political activity.

All on-campus political activities, services, and materials must be paid for with non-university funds.

All use of university properties are subject to university policies regarding time, place, and manner.

Funds or contributions for political candidates or campaigns may not under any circumstances be solicited in the name of the university. University resources may not be used in soliciting such funds. If Auburn students, faculty, or staff make political contributions, they must do so as individuals and not on behalf of Auburn.

Last updated: 01/08/2018