Creative Services provides high quality communications solutions for "campus clients" based on identified needs and goals. Sometimes those solutions involve publications, although alternative or multiple solutions are often recommended that might better meet your needs and budget.

When you contact us with a need for a publication or other solution, our first step is to meet with the decision maker on the project and determine audience, objective, challenges, deadlines and other key criteria. Because we provide a high level of design expertise at no charge, our services are often in high demand. Thus, while we make every effort to accommodate all projects - with a priority given to projects targeted to external audiences -- we occasionally cannot meet a desired deadline due to previously scheduled projects. However, we then make every effort to use our vendor relationships and resources to meet your needs at the lowest possible cost (approved by you in advance), and still oversee the project from start to finish by using outside resources. We can also provide comprehensive solutions to your needs by pulling in broadcast, Web, electronic and graphic production talent from within the Office of Communications and Marketing as needed to enhance your image and messages.

Typically, you should allow a six week time frame for the production of a typical brochure, from the initial editing of text through delivery from a print vendor (this schedule allows 10 to 15 business days usually required by print production companies, depending on the complexity of the project). If numerous people are involved in the approval process, you need our assistance in writing text or copy, or the project is part of a larger campaign-style program or highly involved (such as with a magazine), the time can take longer.

If you have a project that is ready to go to the printer and does not require the design services of our office, then we request you go to for the necessary steps.

If you do need design services, contact Camille Barkley at or 844-9999 to set up an appointment. At that meeting we will ask you some questions regarding your project.

Before Creative Services takes on a new project, we must have SOLID answers to the following questions that apply to your particular project. Please review the Project Overview in PDF format.

Last Updated: Aug. 27, 2010

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